【カッコいい】Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph Grey Side of the Moon 311. Omega Watch Review

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph Grey Side of the Moon 311. Omega Watch Review

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph Grey Side of the Moon 311. Omega Watch Reviewのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. kaypee1972 より:

    The lume!!!!

  2. George Yang より:

    Really love this watch, ever since it was released. But I’ve been thinking more about it lately.

  3. James L より:

    Question is will it break if you drop or knock it?

  4. Tyson Beckham より:

    The new diver 300 chrono is way better. You need to do a review on it! They’re hard to get though but hope to see your review on it soon enough! Cheers

  5. DBruh より:

    This thing is a technical and materiel tour de force. The ceramic is pressure forged at 1400 C and then placed into a plasma oven and fired at 20,000 C for three hours. That’s not a typo. The dial is covered in real platinum. All hands and markers are darkened, solid white gold. The caliber is exceptional, with a triple level coaxial escapement, Si 14 hairspring, Ti balance wheel, and DLC treated barrels/gear train (the black coating). Column wheel with vertical clutch. Just Stunner of a Watch.

  6. John Crane より:

    I have this one…it is nice and light due to the ceramic case – doesn’t feel chunky at all

  7. D B より:

    i love every 9300 speedys but all of them are 16mm thick which is a no no. sinn 144 st diapal is my fav chronograph for now.

  8. Dave Opincar より:

    The ultimate Omega Speedy moon watch. My grail speedy one an done. Mesmerizing dial day an nite. Thanks Tim your speedy for sure.

  9. E VH より:

    Wish … no i pray Omega will release this in 42 mm someday

  10. Nick Kavanagh より:

    I adore this watch and think it’s tied for first place amongst Speedmasters (the other being the Apollo 8), but I can never get over the thickness of this watch. The crystal on the back as well as the box crystal really make it chunky, which is a shame. If it were as thin as the Apollo 8 and manual wind, I would be all over this piece in a heartbeat.