【カッコいい】Omega Speedmaster Professional Hesalite Review

Omega Speedmaster Professional Hesalite Review

Omega Speedmaster Professional Hesalite Reviewのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. John Cooper より:

    Hi I have bought three Speedmaster Moon Watches over the past few years.. They have been bought as investments and are boxed and have never been worn. I maybe a bit stupid but at present the interest rates here in the UK are less than 1% per cent they at least will hold their price in the market place. Thank you for your interesting review.

  2. Steve より:

    I’d rather have mine than a solid gold Rolex any day. It is an understated work of art.

  3. Matt より:

    you’re the first reviewer that doesn’t complain about the winding action

  4. Mike Carroll より:

    My 2003 Apollo 17 1st issue Gene Cernan didn’t come with a cool box like that even though it came with a pretty cool grey box they only made 3000 and mine was 895 of the first 1000 made pretty cool I don’t wear mine as much as I should because I love it too much

  5. Frank Schroth より:

    Still one of the best looking watches out there! But the pricing has gotten so insanely blown up., that it’s ridiculous to spend that amount for what’s just old technology! Sorry, used to be my Grail watch,but with this price tag, no thanks!

  6. madebat より:

    Hi, will the speedmaster update base 3861 be an self winded?

  7. simpromovie より:

    I don’t get why the Seamaster is a more luxury watch than the Speedmaster. The Seamaster is a divers watch and in that sense also a tool watch. I wear my 300m sword hands Seamaster as my daily beater because it is fully water proof, has a robust thick sapphire crystal and a protected crown. My Hesalite Speedy is for the weekends….

  8. jorge alvarez より:

    Love it….

  9. Tom Atwell より:

    Tried one on in my local AD earlier (UK) and loved it. Currently at £4,000 they said it would be increasing 15% on September 1st! (would never pay £4600 for it) but would consider 3200-3400 if I could find one at that price new.

  10. Bruce Solomon より:

    As a romantic collector I find this to be an instrument and I can appreciate it for what it is however I’m not working in the scientific professions so Omega’s Seamaster line fits more in my collection.