【カッコいい】Omega Speedmaster Automatic (Reduced) – Ultimate Review

Omega Speedmaster Automatic (Reduced) – Ultimate Review

Omega Speedmaster Automatic (Reduced) – Ultimate Reviewのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  • コロナワクチンでファイザーとモデルナの、どちらの副反応が弱いですか?

    回答受付中質問日時:2021/7/25 8:54回答数:3閲覧数:40


  • コロナがこれだけ騒がれてますが、人から言われるまでコロナの事を全く知らなかった人は周りにいますか?


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  • コロナウイルスって大便からも排出されるのですか? また、おしっこからも排出されますか? 真面目...

    真面目なら質問です。 排出されるなら、公衆トイレはかなり気をつけないといけないですね 詳しい方、お教えくださいm(_ _)m

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  • コロナのワクチン接種も始まってるみたいだし、これでコロナの感染者も一気に減り 来月あたりにはコ...

    コロナなんて忘れ去られるくらいに、 かつての日常が戻ってきますかね?

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  • コロナワクチンの副作用で 37.5以上の熱が出たら 翌日会社を休んだほうがいいですか? 休まな...

    休まないといけませんか? ちなみに、給料の保証は 国(自治体?)がしてくれますか?

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  • コロナのせいで東京観光行けない! 私だけ? ドラッグストアで働いてる私。 2連休あれば新幹線で...

    新幹線で東京に行き、ぶらり旅しようかなと思いましたが。 やはりコロナが邪魔して行くの辞めました。 それと猛暑だし。

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  • コロナワクチンを打とうか迷っています。 打たない方がいいという理由をお教えください。

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  • コロナワクチンの副反応ツイッターありますが、様々な事例は本当ですか? 亡くなった話、救急車が・・

    ・・これからワクチンを打つ我が家には子供もいますし 恐怖しかありません。 それとも反ワクチンで虚偽なのか? 真偽のほどを教え...

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  • コロナのワクチンを打たない人は だまされやすい人だと おもいませんか

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  • コロナ反対頑張ってる人たちは、何を根拠にそんなやってるんですか? 口頭の噂?ネットで拾った情報?


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  1. Tom Biskup より:

    I was watching this watch lately, wanting to buy one. In the piece I was testing there was an issue where the minute hand jumped half-minute forward while starting the chronograph. What could this be? It happened once every few times while starting the chrono.

  2. Matt Cowan より:

    Just won an auction for one on eBay for a bit under 2 grand. Super pumped but the more I learn about these the more nervous I get as I wonder if mine will need a service.

  3. Dee Snow より:

    The dramatic music when the moon is onscreen is WAY too loud, and then a moment later your voice is too soft. When watching Youtube videos, we shouldn’t have to constantly adjust the volume. This is especially noticeable when wearing headphones. FYI

  4. Kai Soerfjord より:

    Omega’s movement frequency and subsecond marker MISMATCH is FRAUD. They use 6 and 8 Vibr/Second movements combined with 1/5th sec markers on the dial. The chronograph hand misses all sub-second markers on all of these speedmasters, cannot be stoppoed on any of these markers, for almost 60 years, and no one talks about it. DESIGN FRAUD for profit.

  5. Kai Soerfjord より:

    BEWARE, OMEGA PRODUCTION ERROR – All Speedmasters with cal.1861 or cal.1863 movement (manual wound) paired with 5th of a second markers on dial (seconds divided into 5 parts) or paired with 4th of a second markers, and all with cal.3220 movement (automatic) paired with 5th-second markers on dial, have INACCURATE READING of the chronograph hand due to NO FIT between dial-markers of fractions-of-a-second and the movement’s beat-frequency per second. Cal.1861/1863 beat at 6 vibrations per second (6VPS) and require a 3rd or 6th of a second per marker between the seconds; the cal.3220 beats at 8 VPS and require a half or a 4th or 8th of a second between the markers.
    This affects Speedmasters with reference no. 311.10.39.30; 311.33.42.30; 311.; 3590.50; 3572.50 et cetera (if they have 5th of a second markers paired with a 6 BPS movement – cal.1861 or 1863); 311. (a 4th of a second per marker); and it affects Speedmasters with ref. no. 3510.50; 3510.12; 3520.50; 2598.80 etc. (if they have 5th of a second markers, i.e. each second divided into 5 fractions of a second, paired with a 6 beats per second movement – cal.3220 or 1151 etc.).

    Incidentally, those with ref. no. 311.; 311.; 311.; percent 311.; 522. (cal.1861); 311. (cal.1863); 3876.50.31 (cal.1866) that have a 1/3 of a second per marker (each second divided into 3 parts, i.e. 2 sub-markers between each marker of a full second), are correct.

    Even Tudor had the same production error/design flaw, on all their Valj.-based 28,800 BPH (8 BPS) movement equipped Heritage chronographs, having 4 dividers between each full second marker, making it a 5th of a second per marker, with a CHRONO-hand that jerks forward 6 times per second and always miss the first and the third quarter-second-marker). Only now do we see it corrected. And only now have we recently seen Omega NOT cheating in this regard, more than 50 years after they stopped making their 18,000 BPH (5 BPS) movement, cal.321. They even cheated NASA, in the 1960s, equipping the astronauts with a 6 jerks per second chronograph hand over a dial with only 5 fraction-of-a-second markers. How lame and criminal isn’t that ?

    Even their so-called 1957 reissue has a 21,600 BPH (6 BPS) movement paired with each second divided into 5 fractions on the dial. Right, a CURRENTLY ONGOING mass sale of factory error/design flaw equipped CRAP, useless for what it is marketed as, a precision instrument for accurate split second timing. Criminal.

  6. goonzjav より:

    How so we contact you about a service? I have a 3510.50 needing a service. Losing over a minute a day.

  7. Valisk より:

    Best review of this watch on YT! I’m hoping to find one of these for my 50th this year – the later model with the updated face/strap/crystal.

    I’ve been looking on the chrono24 site – are these safe to deal with? Does anyone have any recommendations where to purchase? (I’m in the UK)

  8. Mohammed Khaled より:

    You need a better camera

  9. Ray P より:

    So I just got one of these… how much does a service cost? I’m scared.

  10. Adrian Luca より:

    I find it amazing that the value of my Reduced has tripled since I bought it in 2011.