【カッコいい】OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope. Hands-on with Gregory Kissling, Head of Product Management.

OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope. Hands-on with Gregory Kissling, Head of Product Management.

OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope. Hands-on with Gregory Kissling, Head of Product Management.のタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. WatchAdvisor より:

    Please do also consider reading the description of this video. I am looking forward reading your comments and answering your questions …

  2. Ki X より:

    the blue bezel and silver dial is no doubt. a beauty. the rest are great too. thanks for review this brand new chronoscope..all my curiousity are satisfied.

  3. Lukáš Mikeska より:

    His explanation of what chronoscope is, is not exactly the best.

  4. g p より:

    If I did not buy the sapphire sandwich 3861 I would get the blue dial!

  5. Craig Williams より:

    Great video and beautiful watches. I just wish omega would put ceramic bezels in there steel Speedmasters without them being a special addition.

  6. Manhin Kam より:

    Blue bezel +1 👏

  7. BBRebozo より:

    Why no lume?

  8. Si Bullock より:

    As always, a very well done presentation. Well done Alex. Can’t fault the watches. Some are complaining about the size but come on guys; any smaller and all the info would not be usable. However… The straps… Oh dear, they do look cheap and nasty, particularly when compared to (say) the last generation Seamaster 300 leather deployants. The bracelet looks OK until you try one on… Tried the 2021 Seamaster 300 yesterday and tapering all the way down to 16mm just looks wrong. And all that fantastic engineering for just a 2.3mm extension? Omega should have gone with the 6mm, 3 position system from the 300. Please give my compliments to Greg; my favourite watch company executive. What a lovely guy… If our daughter brought him home, I’d be well pleased!

  9. Ivan Fran Gugić より:

    Love it

  10. j re より:

    Totally unexpected and the movement is gorgeous. Love the 3 quarter bridge. Although the finishing is not up to Lange standards, without a Loupe at this price-point, it is gorgeous. More manual wind watches please!