【カッコいい】▶ Omega Speedmaster Schumacher, ‘The Legend’, White / Black REVIEW Stainless Steel – 3559.32

▶ Omega Speedmaster Schumacher, 'The Legend’, White / Black REVIEW Stainless Steel – 3559.32

▶ Omega Speedmaster Schumacher, ‘The Legend’, White / Black REVIEW Stainless Steel – 3559.32のタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. Kai Soerfjord より:

    1:You say “so for the pricing” – BUT YOU NEVER SAY THE PRICE, you change topic mid-sentence and never get to the price. 2:You NEVER HOLD IT STILL and CLOSE enough for us to see the subfraction markers. 3:You NEVER SAY the BEAT FREQUENCY. All in all the WORST «review» imaginable. And, I could mention your wife entering, back from work, tossing her keys on the table, distinctly audible, but I won’t mention it. Too much real lack of competency here, the stuff in point 1-3. THIS IS A REALLY BAD ONE.

  2. Rafael Pesente より:

    This timepiece will become one of the most desired Omegas.. you will see. What an amazing watch.

  3. SoMuchScreentearing より:

    I got a 3559.3200, full-set, absolute amazing condition for a 15-16 years old watch. Wear with the bracelet for formal events and a suit, very dressy with polished parts. For casual throw on a mocca nato.

  4. Rokesh Gurung より:

    Such a nice piece. Definitely looking forward to buy this. Can anyone help me find this piece. Thanks

  5. SFB より:

    its a nice piece for sue but its sad when a big swiss watchmaker copies another swiss watch company its shameful Omega

  6. Vman 77 より:

    I have this watch. Bought it in 2005. Great watch looks great on the wrist

  7. JASONZACK 85 より:

    Hi! May I know the watch’s weight?

  8. AjaxForever より:

    Last year i purchased this timepiece as well. It is a stunner and a classic / collector’s item in the making. Mark my words.