【カッコいい】The Hidden Problem with the Omega Speedmaster Design

The Hidden Problem with the Omega Speedmaster Design

The Hidden Problem with the Omega Speedmaster Designのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. IDGuy より:

    Read an in-depth article all about the “Rodinia Geometer” here: http://www.bazamu.com/rodania-geometer/

    I should have specified this more in the video, but I am referring to the “Dial Design” shared between these two pieces. Not the cases or the movements or the prowess of one over the other. Having reviewed the video a few more times I notice that I do not specify “Dial Design” 15 times like I should have. Dial Design. Apologies everyone, I am human and I didn’t mean to offend. Sometimes the writing gets away from me. I thought it would be an interesting piece of background information regarding the origin of the Speedmaster’s Iconic Dial Design that is seldom spoken about. Dial Design.

  2. 1ohtaf1 より:

    There is no evidence that the Rodania Geometer was first introduced in 1954, no one has actually managed to confirmed that date let alone provide any evidence of it. While it is possible it does pre-date the Speedmaster, I doubt this is the case as the design elements makes sense on the Speedmaster’s dial layout and not on the Geometer.

    The most striking similarity between the two dials are the indices, particularly the unusually long minute markings, why are they so long? On the Speedy they reach all the way to the step separating the raised inner portion of the dial containing the three sub-dials and no further, framing the raised center step and creating a tracking effect for the minute and second markings as they are running in a groove on their own level around the dial, while on the Geometer, these long minute and second markings serve no purpose, and are truncated by the widely spaced sub-dials at the 3,6 and 9.

    The second most striking similarity between the two dials are the hour indices, and similarly the question is asked: why are they so long? On the Speedy they reach over the step, and are only stopped when they touch the outer edge of the sub-dials, which not only creates a symmetry around the dial as the indices are of the same length, but also serves to connect the lower step running around the edge of the dial with the raised step of the sub-dials around the center, as they tie the two levels of the dial into together while maintaining their individual distinctive form. Contrast this with the Geometer – they again serve no purpose and are similarly truncated by the 3,6 and 9 sub-dials – furthermore, these truncated hour indices at 3,6 and 9 led Rodania to extend the length of the hour hand to prevent the dial from looking awkward when the hour hand is pointing in those directions, which in itself created a new problem of making the hour and minute hands indistinct from one another to the detriment of legibility, which is ironic as legibility was the central purpose of the dial design on the Speedmaster.

    As a side note: take a look at another chronograph of the era that used the same Valjoux 72 movement as the Geometer: the Paul Newman Daytona. It is evident that unlike Geometer, the Daytona’s dial was designed to be used with that movement – the wider spaced sub-dials of the Valjoux 72 led Rolex to use both shorter minute and hour indices to maintain symmetry – and in Rolex’s case, they employed the use of a contrasting minute track to frame the center sub-dials.
    The dial design in question was undoubtedly designed for use with the 321 movement and the shoehorning of the Valjoux 72 into its design destroys what makes it so great. Perhaps that is why the Geometer never took off.

    I am surprised that you did not do a more thorough design analysis since your channel is centered around industrial design.

  3. koki balboa より:

    So , what was the problem here ?

  4. Grimmer2006 より:

    They don’t look exactly the same. Clearly omega is inspired. But it look different enough with case hands and bezel and all to have it’s own identity. So nothing shocking here.

  5. Bruno Njezic より:

    I thougt in that time dials were still made by 3rd party. This would explain why font and proportions of the diales in question are more than identical. I know stowa lange and laco mentioned story of original bauhaus dials in that mather

  6. Wayne Dennett より:

    The speedmaster was the first to put the tachometer on the outside of the glass,thats whst msde it unique

  7. Gel Mibson より:

    Love your stuff. What a great take on watch design.

  8. 30iSurfer より:

    Now that I feel better to buy a Moonwatch replica. If Omega did it, why can’t I?

  9. Aromatic Snail より:

    The argument of the Geometer is becoming a bit old tbh. There are enough differences between the two to not be a copycat. Anyone seeing the exact same watch just seems to be influenced by the same frustration of Rolex fan boys towards the success and heritage of the Moonwatch. Should we discuss the Oyster case? Or even the Submariner design? Most of the breakthroughs introduced by Rolex were used in previous watches. They simply improved some of the flaws and especially were great at marketing their products. I’m not denying some similarities but in ALL industries newer products always have some inspiration from older counterparts. Move on…

  10. A より:

    Wow, Rodania and Omega…two watchmakers with the same boring dial design…