【カッコいい】Why Everyone Needs An Omega Speedmaster – Your Next Watch Review

Why Everyone Needs An Omega Speedmaster – Your Next Watch Review

Why Everyone Needs An Omega Speedmaster – Your Next Watch Reviewのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. David Bartlett より:

    My favourite review/promotion of the Omega Speedmaster. It is an absolute legend and my next watch. I am an Omega fan and NEED a Speedmaster in my collection. You have captured the absolute essence of this watch, so nicely done 😇

  2. Hoo より:

    nice nato and leather straps you have on your speedy here. Which nato or leather strap width do you recommend, 20 mm?

  3. Go1 より:

    I purchased my speedmaster in 2000. I had saved up to buy it. I still have it, but it lies in the back of a drawer now. It works great but have not worn it for the last 14 years. It needs a new pusher and a link for the strap. Both apparently dropped off.
    I have been thinking of buying a new swiss watch but think now I should just get this one fixed and get a new leather strap for it.

  4. Mike Guy より:

    Thank you for this. I’m in the process of buying this watch and have been watching a few reviews for a bit of reinforcement. That brown racing strap I’d never have considered, but I think now it’s become a must – looks so good, and will ensure I can wear the watch more casually…with jeans and a t shirt….Steel and black both seem a bit formal for that. Awesome video.

  5. TomPhoto より:

    Fantastic looks with those straps, I ordered the Zuludiver Marine Nationale Nato grey striped black strap, along with a 30th Anniv Speedmaster Pro lol….

  6. Gabriele Scalise より:

    2:45 Hey that crystal is not symmetrical to the watch! Check the Omega logo at the centre of the mineral crystal.

  7. BenevolentAutore より:

    Why doesn’t Omega use more applied logos vs printed?

  8. Pranav Subramoniam Iyer より:

    2:45 There’s an Omega logo on the crystal!

  9. Bugs Monkey より:

    i just love the face of the speedmaster moonwatch. it looks masculine and sporty. its awesome. rolex submariner looks less sporty which i dont prefer.

  10. Jason West より:

    what rubbish it’s a ok watch but not worth the money
    plastic crystal. 5 bar.and so many limited editions released omega are milking it .why do you think the box is so big,pure marketing.