【カッコいい】Vintage Omega Speedmaster 125th Anniversary Chronograph Chronometer 178.0002 Watch Review

Vintage Omega Speedmaster 125th Anniversary Chronograph Chronometer 178.0002 Watch Review

Vintage Omega Speedmaster 125th Anniversary Chronograph Chronometer 178.0002 Watch Reviewのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. Kenny Chung より:

    This watch could have very well single handedly increased metal production in 1973

  2. Paul Wagner より:

    I still think this is the best looking Omega ever produced.

  3. レトト武田 より:

    I have one just great watch

  4. Klaus Grevelding より:

    I got this fantastic watch in 1974, just before I went to university. Up to now I have never thought of selling this wonderful timepiece. It is stylish, standing for the design of the early 70s, it’s absolutely accurate and much better than all these special editions of the man-on-the-moon Speedmaster toys. What is that special about this watch is the fact that the case is not a part of the watch itself, but part of the bracelet instead. The watch is put and fixed in the case of the bracelet by rubber/elastic/silicone sealing rings. I can’t remember that the upper edges of the case have ever been polished. What makes me very suspicious is the fact that the polished rounded “bezel” of the case seems to be that prominent. On mine it appears to be smaller. It’s a great watch.

  5. Herbert Hannibal より:

    My father bought this one in 1975 and today it’s mine. Such a unique timepiece

  6. Aristos Papaiacovou より:

    Looks beautiful, but these are one of the easiest cases and straps to restore , watch head pops out and brush effect is flat and straight.I think that’s why so many appear in great condition

  7. Andrei 31 より:


  8. Andrew Hughes より:

    I hope the lucky buyer preserves this practically NOS specimen!!!

  9. Andrew Hughes より:

    So chunky and weird… It won’t be mistaken for a standard issue. However, I love it!

  10. pyootchnich より:

    Startling at first. The next thing I thought was “vintage” but yet the proportions looked contemporary, therefore highly wearable. Definitely on my list to look out for