【カッコいい】Is The Omega Speedmaster Reduced A Real Speedy?

Is The Omega Speedmaster Reduced A Real Speedy?

Is The Omega Speedmaster Reduced A Real Speedy?のタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. hanscombe72 より:

    I will be honest. I saw the watch on sale and didn’t quite realise the Difference between the smp and the reduced. I grabbed it and soon began to realise what I had done. I took the low road not once but twice. I bought a reduced and a Brosnan sea master quartz. To this day I feel incredibly stupid and if I could go back never would have bought either. The reduced is not a moonwatch. It is too small and is a perfect woman’s chrono. I am going to dump them on eBay because I can’t stand the sight of them. So ends a thirty year watch hobby.

  2. Projekt Gemini より:

    You could call me biased as this is the one that I can afford but it does have its own unique character while maintaining the spirit of the original. Mine should be arriving on Tuesday!

  3. littlehorse growing より:

    It is.

  4. FunWithAJ より:

    Incredible story of your watch, makes it that much more meaningful. A. The inheritance and B. The specific watches origins. It looks like you don’t make videos anymore. I want to encourage to to continue, you’re very clear with the story telling in your videos which is something I even struggle with. You’re a natural keep it up!

  5. Hamilton-Juan より:

    The Rodenia Geometer dial came out first in 1954. Three years Omega introduced the SM. It’s not an original Onega design.

  6. ogri214 より:

    I have owned my reduced since the early 90’s and still love how wearable it is, in fact i prefer it to my Rolex datejust. But i have now ordered a 41mm Seamaster professional but the speedy will always have a place in my heart .

  7. mysdak より:

    Great video. Thanks for the info.

  8. Time and Talk より:

    I like the size but a little down on the auto movement. My latest video is about the FOIS. Subscribed! Check out and subscribe to my channel to see my watch vids.

  9. Lucas Losantos より:

    Wow men I just got into the world of watches, because my uncle died and he let me de Hamilton khaki automatic

  10. K Ng より:

    It’s a nice timepiece and yes I can’t afford a moon watch now I have a AUD$4k mortgage monthly repayment to look after and at my age I know what should be my priority when it comes to spending.