【カッコいい】Experts React To BARGAIN $260 Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch

Experts React To BARGAIN $260 Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch

Experts React To BARGAIN $260 Omega x Swatch MoonSwatchのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. h w より:

    Do you really think someone who is willed to pay several thousand dollar or even much more for a watch considers this swatch made watch an alternative? No, people who might never buy an Omega but are interested in the design and the brand consider this. This are two totally different markets.
    The other question is, are Omega and Swatch willed to make a smart watch. I mean, many people don’t even wear classic wrist watches anymore but wear either nothing or some kind of electronic device / smart watch. And that is a market where the name Omega and the manufacturing, market etc. of Swatch could make an impact, if they create a very good smartwatch.

  2. Lobster より:

    I’ll very likely get one in the coming weeks. I am glad they aren’t limited. Mercury or the moon ones are my fav

  3. BroadSword 66 より:

    These are Omegas for everyday wearing. The Omegas costing multi-thousands are investments and wearing in very special occasions.

  4. AIMbot より:

    I would need to travel to Las Vegas to find the nearest retailer. That $260 + flight/fuel + travel time ain’t it, chief.

  5. Seminky より:

    This watch is the middle finger from omega to its imitation

  6. bill shuey より:

    I must be in the minority. However, it is a QUARTZ PLASTIC watch. I will definitely pass on this one!

  7. Deeds Iggy より:

    I want to make a rant about my Swatch Skin… My wife bought one each for the both of us. And for the past four years, hers is still working. While mine, it runs but the hands aren’t moving. Because it’s beyond the warranty, I’ve got to spend money to have it serviced. Smh…

  8. suryamp より:

    Trendy kettle 🤣

  9. thriversoffset より:

    Mission to your anus, I swear that’s what they say at 9:39 mark

  10. George Hsu より:

    The “Omega x Swatch” is “Omega by Swatch”, as in made by Swatch. Not an indication of which brand is “above” the other 😉