【カッコいい】New Omega Speedmaster ’57 Manual Movement Smaller Case updated for 2022 – CK 2915 Manual Wind Chrono

New Omega Speedmaster '57 Manual Movement Smaller Case updated for 2022 – CK 2915 Manual Wind Chrono

New Omega Speedmaster ’57 Manual Movement Smaller Case updated for 2022 – CK 2915 Manual Wind Chronoのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. Brown McPherson より:

    The green is fantastic. Tried in on and loved it. I had the first ’57 but thought it was too thick. This one is a huge improvement.

  2. Mok Ting より:

    Stunning!!It becomes my the favorite of Omega, the design of sandwich index inspires me Panerai

  3. Peter Magdina より:

    No-date manual I would accept. But having a date, but without quick-set-date is no for me. Thank you.

  4. Ryan Stafford より:

    Is the crown screw down?

  5. AJ Gross より:

    I am planning on buying a speedy in the next year or two, and now I am debating between this and the speedy pro. I have always been a fan of the broad arrow hands and I like that this has a sandwich dial (for the black dial version) and is thinner. However I prefer the no-date design of the pro, I like the bracelet style better on the pro, and although the 9906 movement is well finished and fits the case beautifully, you don’t see nearly as much of the chronograph functionality through the caseback as you do on the 3861. Plus the ‘57 is $1400 more than the speedy pro. I’ll see if I can try them both on when I get closer to having the funds available, but for now I am still leaning towards the speedy pro

  6. gmshadowtraders より:

    The fat hour hand cuts into the chrono sub-registers, making it impossible to read at certain times. Fail.

  7. Javier Patricio Romero より:

    Love the one with sandwich dial

  8. frederic chicheportiche より:

    Still gorgeous watch, in black, a killer, the price is way too much i think, still gorgeous.

  9. Simon Wright より:

    I see omega have released a green dial seamaster 300m, I’ll be interested to see that in the ad..

  10. jlg395 より:

    With the exception of thickness, these are far too big in every dimension. The caseback should be solid, and of course the watch should be automatic. Otherwise, the black dial is the most attractive Speedmaster of all time.