【カッコいい】Is Alpha M Wrong To Say Omega Is A Ripoff? Or Is It The Best Value Swiss Luxury Watch Brand In 2023?

Is Alpha M Wrong To Say Omega Is A Ripoff? Or Is It The Best Value Swiss Luxury Watch Brand In 2023?

Is Alpha M Wrong To Say Omega Is A Ripoff? Or Is It The Best Value Swiss Luxury Watch Brand In 2023?のタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. Alex より:

    I came here first due to alpha M, from all his shortcomings, he really tries to improve and learn. And when it comes to watches, there is no one I respect more than you TGV! Cheers

  2. Bogart1980 より:

    Last time I watched his channel he tried to sell me a Vincero 😂

  3. Random Videos より:

    i dont even fkn care about what Alpha M says. I don’t trust a man who thinks ‘Vincero’ and ‘MVMT’ are great watches

  4. Kien D Luu より:

    I mean absolutely no offence to any Omega owners out there but the speedmaster steel bracelet does feel a tiny bit chintzy compare to watches of a similar price range. I love love love the speedmaster on a leather or silicone strap though.

  5. Fotios Bris より:

    You are an asset. Your videos are of great value. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. Thank you for keeping the true watch enthusiasts…true and grounded.

  6. Kyle R より:

    Any one with money can buy a watch. But those of us that truly love them, will own them.

  7. Pat Green より:

    This may be my favorite intro you’ve done thus far. I really appreciate your perspective on Alpha M. It is important to humanize and remember the content creators are more than just their content and even if their content is not our cup of tea, we can still be kind and know there is a person who maybe helps other content creators that I appreciate.

    There was a time I needed black dress shows and my wingtips had fallen in disrepair and money was tight. A youtuber similar to Alpha M’s channel had a great tutorial on how to repair, clean, condition and restore my shoes.

    Anyway, as always, thank you for the research you do, the quality of content you deliver, the thoughtful and enriching perspective, and the constant call to kindness in all things with all those we encounter.

  8. Minty Webb より:

    It’s Rolex that is the rip off.

  9. Mike Fleissner より:

    Thank you

  10. Tanvir Hasan Malik より:

    Excellent presentation and very true about the hype-driven Rolex enthusiasts on Youtube and elsewhere. Rolex comes nowhere near Omega. Like someone said, “Omega makes watches, Rolex sells them”