【カッコいい】Here’s Why the Omega Speedmaster Is Better Than the Rolex Daytona

Here’s Why the Omega Speedmaster Is Better Than the Rolex Daytona

Here’s Why the Omega Speedmaster Is Better Than the Rolex Daytonaのタイトルです。私もオメガをつけています。かっこいいです。
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  1. FonofonFilm より:

    Was Omega really up against Rolex and only Rolex back then? If so, how do you know this? To my understanding Rolex had positioned itself as a professional watch in the luxury segment, while Omega in genereal aimed at a wider audience and their everyday needs. In other words the brand positions were very different.

  2. Freddie Turner より:

    The 321 powered one is better, by a country mile, but the cam version is sadly not that exciting, whatever they do to it. If you’ve got Daytona money get a VC Cornes de Vache which has a properly finished version of the Lemania chrono that also became the 321, and a display caseback. Or get yourself a vintage one with the old 321 movement, but assume it will need a good old service and probably some spare parts.

  3. Spider より:

    I like both

  4. Adam F より:

    What has surprised me is the level of detail up close. I’m disappointed to see how poor it is compared to the likes of a Grand Seiko. The hands, the printed wording, its rough around the edges.

  5. BENTLEY GT より:

    i don’t see the lure of the Daytona. honestly. having said that. i’m impressed how “they” hyped it so much that people go huuu haaa over it. and pay 2 o 3 times the retail price for it. (which is stupid in my opinion).
    for me is the Speedmaster. love this model as well as the Snoopy, AND the full rose gold version… GREAT Review . thank you

  6. Daniel Haryanto より:

    I owned both and admire both evenly. Wear both quite often and cant stop staring at both decorating my wrist. Both are great but still people love Daytona more. Market price has decided it after all..

  7. Nivlekzhau より:

    speedmaster, my first and only luxury watch! A little kid walked by in a KFC, couldn’t stop staring at it 😂

  8. amazingsnow より:

    I have the grey side of the moon and it is a tank. The ceramic is so worth the money

  9. P T より:

    Daytona Cosmograph. A failed title.